WhiteWulf Arms MSR15 Lower Receiver


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The WhiteWulf Arms MSR15 Lower Receiver is a Cerro Forged stripped lower receiver that has been finished, engraved, and serialized by WhiteWulf Arms.

By default, WhiteWulf lower receivers come with the left fire control group engraved with ‘WhiteWulf Arms/Decatur, GA’. The left magwell is engraved with the WhiteWulf Arms logo and the text ‘MOD MSR15/CAL MULTI/SN XXXXXXXX’.

You may add a custom engraving for the right magwell or right fire control group. This engraving is useful for NFA engravings in case you decide to create a short-barreled rifle. You can also choose how your safety selectors are engraved as well as add a custom Duracoat job.

Note: This is a Title I/GCA item. This item may only ship to an FFL. Please see our shipping restrictions prior to placing an order.

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