Deterrence Dispensed Menendez Magazine (17/19 rounds w/extended base pad)


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Deterrence Dispensed Menendez magazines are double stack 9mm magazines that are compatible with Glock/Polymer80 pistols. Each magazine is 3D printed with durable PLA+ filament and includes a Ghost, Inc. +13% power spring to improve feeding and magazine performance.

Customize your 17 or 19 round magazine with whatever colors you want for the body, follower, locking plate, base plate, and +2 extended base pad.

These magazines as well as the optional extended base pads were designed by Deterrence Dispensed and are available for download via a public domain license. The designers are active on Keybase and accept donations in the form of various crypto currencies. The magazine is named for Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Senator who is an outspoken opponent of the right to keep and bear arms.

Disclaimer: There are known limitations to 3D printed magazines. The feed lips may weaken after several hundred rounds, and the magazine may eventually malfunction. You can extend the life of a magazine significantly by loading with a magazine loader instead of by hand. Also, while the melting temperature of PLA+ filament is at least 190°C (374°F), it may warp at much lower temperatures. Magazines should be stored in a cool, dry place whenever possible. PLA+ filament is believed to be twice as strong as standard PLA with better layer adhesion and fewer cracking problems. However, there is no universally-accepted PLA+ standard; manufacturers add other plastics, additives, or pigments that help in improving with moisture absorption and brittleness. But these additives are proprietary and vary between manufacturers. As such, these magazines should never be used in a life-or-death scenario such as for concealed carry. They should be used for range or competition magazines. If a magazine body does malfunction, the spring can be used to replace a Magpul PMAG or Glock O.E.M. magazine spring.

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